Bearing design cues seen in the recently introduced Murano crossover, the Sway concept unveiled by Nissan today in Geneva shows what a future compact Nissan hatchback will look like.

Nissan says the Sway was designed specifically to appeal to European tastes, but adds that future production models in various global segments will follow this design direction. Reading between the lines, and comparing the Sway’s size to that of the current Versa Note, we say this concept suggests what the next generation of that bigger-on-the-inside hatchback will look like. As on the Murano, we like the “floating” roof more than the V-Motion grille, but overall, this is a good-looking car that bodes well for whatever production model is prefaced by this concept.

Neat features we don’t expect to see on a production model (at least, not on a budget-priced compact) include the aluminum body accents, B-pillar-less structure, rear-hinged rear doors, and the nearly all-glass roof with X-shaped bracing under it.

Like the outside, the Sway’s interior is a mix of right-now-realistic and yeah-right: the TFT-look gauges and tablet-esque touchscreen aren’t too outlandish, but the centre console belongs in a car pricier than what this particular concept will turn into.

nissan sway1

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