A few weeks ago, Subaru announced its plan to bring a new three-row crossover to market in 2018; now we’ve learned the Japanese manufacturer has filed for patents on a few names, one of which we’ll likely see stuck to the back of this forthcoming seven-seater.

Subaru had said the new model’s name will evoke images of “outdoor adventure,” and if our pals at AutoGuide (hat tip!) are correct, the possibilities include Ascent, Sojourn, Cypress, and Venterra. That’s a variation on a list that appeared in a survey presented to a Subaru owner earlier this year..

If you ask us, Venterra (a portemanteau of the Latin words for ‘wind’ and ‘earth,’ we suppose) rolls off the tongue easily enough, as does the alliterative Cypress. Whether you like these ideas or not, at least they’re actual names, and not alphanumeric BS.

Whatever Subie’s new seven-seater ends up being called, it’s likely its look will be inspired by the Viziv concept Subaru has shown in Geneva and Montreal.

Subaru Viziv Concept

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