Article and Video by Justin Pritchard

What has the best exhaust sound?

The exhaust note of a sports car is an aural window into that car’s personality, character and soul. The sound of a hot ride can be as distinctive as a fingerprint while signaling the arrival of a certain model to its fans before it’s even within eyesight.

Whether it’s a thudding, testosterone-laced growl or a shrill, semi-exotic wail, few aspects of a performance car nod so quickly towards its persona. Further, no other element of the ride in question remains present for so long as it drives off – possibly leaving awestruck fans behind.

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Northern Exposure: Best Exhaust Notes

Every week, I assemble a video review on one of the most important new rides for my readers and viewers – and though good ole’ writing has its merits, it can’t always evoke the qualities of that all-important exhaust note as well as hearing it for yourself.

Camera-Guy James knows this all too well. He’s been the fella’ outside and behind each and every vehicle I’ve ever presented with a camera and microphone. As such, there was nobody with a better opinion to ask about the best-sounding cars we’ve presented in the past year or so.

And so, Camera-Guy James and I present this week’s video: a compilation of our favourite sounding rides. Check out the video to hear them for yourself.

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