Few things on four wheels are as wholesome and sensible as a station wagon. Driving one conveys your fertility, your family-orientedness, and your individuality to other motorists. It tells the world that you won’t fall in line and buy a crossover SUV like the child-rearing masses, and it makes you more interesting at parties, too.

Owning a crossover leaves you with a hefty fuel bill, a machine that blends in, and handling on par with a bungalow full of cottage cheese. Get yourself a station wagon, and a roof box for added cargo space, and you’re all set for family-ready stuff, without the bloat.

Of course, the once-glorious station wagon has become virtually extinct because of those pesky crossovers, though a few examples still exist in the new car market, and a few more exist in the used car scene, too.

If you’re after a car-like ride, car-like maneuverability and car-like fuel bills as well as a bit of extra space without moving into some sort of sports ute, a used wagon might be for you. Here’s a look at some of the used market’s most popular, across a spread of model years and price ranges, as well as some tips to help you shop smart for the one you like.

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