Whether you’re a family-man, real-estate agent, product sales rep, or just really want to impress the socks off of your future in-laws, the benefits of owning a Comfort Cruiser are numerous and undeniable.

A Comfort Cruiser is a great big ride that’s commonly employed to punch your passengers right in the kisser with comfort and luxury, while providing space and comfort, and looking classy as all heck in the process.

The following selection of Comfort Cruisers from the new and used marketplace should be considered priority test-drives by folks after passenger volume, a comfortable ride to coddle passengers of note, and stately looks that’ll stir your clients and in-laws.

Price cap? Let’s say fifty thousand. This means some models listed below are new, and others are used.

Model: Chrysler 300

The Gist: Ever handsome! This big and stately sedan largely put big and stately American sedans back on the map when it launched some years ago. Today, numerous updates for the second-generation Chrysler 300 make it a tremendously compelling argument in the Comfort Cruiser segment. Look for six or eight-cylinder power, rear or all-wheel drive, a full selection of high-tech upgrades, and numerous interior colour and materials themes ranging from mild to wild. Notably, Chrysler 300’s cabin has earned a place on the Wards 10 Best Interiors list for its value, quality and styling. Excellent ride quality and overall top-notch comfort without the top-notch pricing round out the package.

At around $50,000, shoppers can check out a brand new, fully-loaded, top-line 300 Platinum with All Wheel Drive and six-cylinder power, and still have a few thousand bucks left over for a trip to the options list.

Model: Cadillac Escalade

The Gist: Big, powerful and loaded to the nines with luxury implements, the Cadillac Escalade combines tough-truck underpinnings, excessive amounts of wood and leather, and behemoth-level sizing for your very largest passengers. Approaching our price cap, you’re looking at a few-year-old, last-generation Escalade with a few clicks on the odometer. Look for standard V8 power, All-Wheel Drive (AWD), a BOSE stereo system, LED headlamps and a comfort-tuned suspension for soaking up rough roads while you ooze along doing Comfort Cruiser stuff with your familiars. This one can tow, cruise, and float along for hours on end in the lap of American luxury, all with over 400 horsepower on perpetual standby. OnStar, Navigation, tri-zone climate control , deployable running boards and climate controlled seats all add to the Escalade’s big-time comfort factor.

Buying Used: Confirm that the brake lights and cruise control work as expected, as a wonky brake-pedal sensor can render both systems inactive. Check front seat area carpeting and floor-mats for signs of moisture and mildew, which could be the result of a leaky windshield seal, or plugged and leaking sunroof drain tubing. Check all high-end features including the heated seats and steering wheel, rear-seat entertainment consoles and climate controls, and the navigation and OnStar systems. Have a mechanic check for leaks from the transmission cooler lines and the Escalade’s cooling system, too.

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