Vehicle Type: 4×4

History/Description: If you’re wealthy-ish, you probably have a range. And if you have a range, you’ll need something to rove it with, and that’s just what the Range Rover, from Land Rover, is for.

The last generation of this big-dollar luxo-ute was capable, luxurious and packing world-class comfort features, the last-generation Land Rover Range Rover hit the road with standard V8 power, available supercharged V8 power, four-wheel drive, and a long list of goodies when it launched. Nowadays, thanks to the miracle of depreciation, you can find a used copy for a pretty sweet deal.

Over the years, a facelift freshened the Range Rover up, and a set of new engines switched the heart of one of the world’s foremost off-roaders from BMW to Ford power. Feature content was fancy, and included dual-zone climate control, a sunroof, navigation and plenty more. Air suspension, a CD changer and xenon lights were on board, too.

Depending on the year and model in question, this posh-roader could be kitted up via numerous trim levels and option packages to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

Few 4×4 models can match the classiness, pedigree and presence offered by this gentlemanly British sports ute. Driving one makes you look like a baller, sexier to the ladies, and lets nearby motorists that you know what’s up. Consider it alongside comparable high-capability flagship SUV models from Mercedes, Lexus and others, and consider it strongly if you’re after a high-luxury 4×4 with real off-road capability.

What Owners Like: Luxury, go-anywhere capability, exclusivity and a great deal of “presence” are noted by owners. Smooth performance and an ultra-posh cabin are also noted. All said, owners seem to have enjoyed a driving experience rich with luxury and capability. Many say they enjoy a feeling of safety and confidence while driving in adverse conditions, or on challenging terrain.

What Owners Dislike: As it goes with expensive premium models, most owners don’t report any complaints of their Range Rovers – though almost all wish for better gas mileage.
Here’s a list of owner reviews.

Common Issues: Bit of a mixed bag on this one. Many owners report minimal issues, if any at all, while others report a wide range of trouble. Below is a list of some helpful checks that should be considered mandatory on a test-drive of a potential new-to-you Range Rover.

Wiring. Sensors. Modules. The Range Rover (like all newer vehicles) is full of electronic stuff that can experience issues – so approach a used model looking for signs of trouble. Be sure all electrically-operated accessories function as expected, and check for any warning lights or messages in the instrument cluster or driver computer.

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