Vehicle Type: SUV

History/Description: The second-generation of Kia’s popular SUV, the Sorento, launched for model year 2010 with an all-new platform, new engines and new technology.

Available third-row seating expanded the Sorento’s occupant capacity to seven individuals, while the rear and middle-row seats fold flat to accommodate virtually any combination of passengers and gear. With all seats folded, the Sorento can swallow up some 2,052L of your gear, shopping or toys. Towing capacity was rated at 3,500 lb on most models.

Depending on the model selected, shoppers can look for feature content including Bluetooth, a sunroof, heated leather, a windshield wiper de-icer, full multimedia connectivity and more.

Engines/ Trim: A used second-generation Sorento will pack a 2.4L four-cylinder with 191 hp, a 3.5L V6 with 272 hp, or a high-efficiency 3.3L V6 with 290 in newer models. Look for automatic transmissions all around, and All-Wheel Drive (AWD) fitted to most units. Unlike numerous competitors, the Sorento’s AWD system featured a lock function, where a 50:50 front-to-rear power split could be engaged preemptively ahead of driving in low-traction situations.

Shoppers should note that the Sorento’s LX trim grade was used by entry-level models, with SX and EX representing mid-grade and top-line units, respectively.

What Owners Like: Most owners report satisfaction with the performance of the Sorento’s V6 engine options, plenty of room, a commanding driving position, and all-weather confidence thanks to the AWD traction. Ride quality, interior styling and an overall sense of high-end SUV content without the high price round out the compliments. Even fuel mileage is rated well, which is rare in this type of vehicle.

What Owners Dislike: Some owners wish for a tighter turning circle for easier parking, and a higher-quality feel to some of the interior plastics and trim pieces.

Here’s a link to some owner reviews.

The Test Drive: Start a test-drive of a used second-generation Sorento by confirming proper operation of the air conditioning system, all on-board electronics and the climate controls for both the front and middle-row seats, if equipped. If the model you’re considering has rear-seat heat or air conditioning systems, this is the time to make sure they’re working.

Feel the carpeting in the front footwell areas for signs of moisture, which could be caused by a leaking air conditioner drain tube which allows condensation to drip onto the carpeting rather than draining outside of the vehicle. If moisture is detected, be sure to confirm the cause before agreeing to purchase. Moisture trapped in vehicle carpeting can cause mould and mildew which are gross, and cause rust to form on the metal floor beneath. Many owners are aware of the issue, and have had luck having their Kia dealers remedy the leak.

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