Vehicle Type: Full-size body-on-frame SUV

Vehicle Type: SUV

History/Description: In the midst of a dying big-SUV marketplace, GM launched the GMT900 series sport utes for model year 2007, offering Yukon, Yukon XL, Suburban, Tahoe and Escalade variants with better mileage, performance and feature content than ever.

The GMT900 models meet a wide variety of needs and lifestyles – and these machines were popular with big families, folks with heavy stuff to tow, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone in general after a full-size, full-function sports-ute model with generous towing, hauling and trail-tackling capabilities.

Whether you choose the massive Suburban, the posh Escalade, or anything in between, look for standard V8 power, two or four-wheel drive (AWD in the Escalade), OnStar, and a lengthy list of safety features. A proven high-strength truck structure helped round out the package with durable capability, and generous room for people and cargo was on offer in all models. The extended-length Suburban and Yukon XL variants added even more space for up to eight occupants.

Engines / Trim: Depending on the model selected, shoppers can seek out a used copy with a 4.8, 5.3 or 6.2L V8 engine teamed with six-speed automatic transmissions for improved fuel efficiency. Delivering up to 352 horsepower on regular fuel, GM’s award-winning V8 engines utilize variable valve timing, lightweight construction and advanced computer controls to keep fuel bills reasonable. The high-end Escalade got a 6.2L V8 with 403 horsepower, which was also available optionally on other models. Most used GMT900 models, Escalade aside, will have the 5.3L V8.

What Owners Like: Typically, owners praise their GMT900 utes for great ride quality, confident towing and hauling capabilities, a decent blend of power and fuel economy, and a rugged, safe and solid feel. Space and flexibility required for a variety of lifestyles and activities are found in masses, and Escalade owners from this generation rave about a lavish, high-end feeling cabin.

What Owners Dislike: Complaints are typical of this genre of vehicle, with many shoppers griping about difficulty parking, and the wish for better fuel economy on some models. Other complaints include some cheap interior trim and excessive road noise.

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Common Issues: The big stuff first. As most used models in this generation of GM full-sized sport ute will pack the 5.3L V8 engine with AFM cylinder deactivation, shoppers are advised to check this powerplant for signs of oil consumption and other related issues, which are common, and well-documented in the owners community.

The issue seems to stem from the operation of the AFM system as it pertains to the 5.3L engine. AFM de-activates un-needed cylinders during gentle driving, helping to save fuel.

Though it’s unclear if the problem was massively widespread, shoppers are advised to check the oil condition and level ahead of their purchase, and to confirm that the seller was fond of doing the same on a regular basis. Have a dealer use the VIN number to pull up all service records, noting any that indicate an oil-consumption problem. Shoppers are also advised to listen for unwanted clicking or clacking noises from the top of the engine (ie, the valve lifters), with the hood open and engine idling. Unwanted sounds like these could indicate problems, possibly related to the oil consumption issue.

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