Model: 2010 to 2015 Audi S4

Vehicle Type: Sport Sedan

History/Description:  Winter is coming. Not for a few months, sure, but it’s definitely going to be here, one day, in the not-so-distant-future, and that might be firing up your desire for a new-to-you ride to help handle its icy depths and salty, grey pits of despair. Or, maybe you just want to rip killer snow-donuts around the lamp poles in the Home Depot parking lot after they turn the lights off at 9:45.

In any case, the current-generation Audi S4 launched for model year 2010 with a new V6 engine, manual or paddle-shift transmissions, four doors, and Quattro All Wheel Drive on every model. Discreetly styled, potent in performance and easy to use year-round, this generation S4 can now be had for reasonable money in the used marketplace, and amounts to a classy sports sedan with a touch of high-performance split personality.

Feature content included all luxury sedan must-haves: push-button start, premium audio, powered memory seats and a multifunction steering wheel, as well as xenon lighting, a sunroof and an all-in-one multimedia interface.  With room for a significant other and a few offspring, the so-called B8 generation S4 was a tuned-up luxury sedan that’s family-ready and usable every day of the week.

Engines/Trim: Look for your used copy of an Audi S4 with a 3-litre supercharged V6, good for 333 horsepower thanks to an integrated supercharger and direct injection. Manual 6-speed or dual-clutch 7-speed transmission options were available, and Quattro AWD was standard, with some units offering a rear Sports Differential system for sharper handling and response.

What Owners Like: Most S4 owners came for the discreetly styled performance-sedan looks and stayed for the driving dynamics, slick manual shifter and liquid-smooth engine. S4 is reported to be roomy enough for family duty, decent on fuel when driven gently, amusing when driven hard, and also able to handle inclement weather with ease. The high-end audio system, and the Audi Drive Select system, with adjustable steering, dampers and more, are among the list of feature favorites. A powerful lighting system rounds out the package.

What Owners Dislike: Some owners wish for a more generously-sized back seat, and note the use of some cheaper-than-expected interior trim bits. As it tends to go with attainable high-end performance cars like these, few owners have anything bad to say about their investments.

Here’s a look some owner reviews.

The new generation: Preview: 2017 Audi A4

The Test Drive: Start with ensuring that both remote keyfobs work properly, and ensure the S4 starts up quickly and strongly. Some reports have been made of a dead or dying battery affecting the push-button start system. Note that in complicated vehicles like this one, low battery voltage may cause other issues – so budget for a battery tender or trickle charger (about $30 at Canadian Tire) to keep your S4 properly charged if you only drive it occasionally.

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