The Ford Focus has been a longstanding success in Canada, North America and around the world for over 15 years now, becoming the best-selling car in the world in 2013 and 2014 thanks to a solid base in Europe and North America and strong growth in China. We love it because it’s a stylish little hatchback (the sedan is okay, too) that delivers a sporty drive and a long list of options and technology.

However, that technology has also been a sticking point, MyFord Touch suffering recurring issues like freezing, random self-diagnostics and slow response. In my week in the Focus, we saw none of the above, all the functions working without interruption and only typical touchscreen slowness, but nothing worth complaining about. The system itself is great, with four quadrants for phone, climate, navigation and audio. Screen resolution is sharp and the graphics are appealing, with enough screen real estate to make the major functions easily spotted and pressed. Peripheral stuff might require a stoplight or parking to pinpoint.

The audio system in this trim was the powerful Sony upgrade, and sound was good, with Sirius satellite radio adding an endless variety of music options to your Bluetooth or USB connected device. The hard buttons for audio controls surround the central volume button, an arrangement that takes a bit of getting used to, but is easy enough for those that prefer traditional buttons. Climate can also be controlled via buttons and dials on the console. Audio, Sync voice recognition (which failed me by interpreting “Call Hannah Yarkony” as Tune to Caliente…), cruise  control and the trip computer can be operated via the multi-function steering wheel. The gauges are also stylish and crisp, with flyout menus to the right of the speedo that can monitor and control audio, phone and navigation.

The seats in our tester were covered in a light cloth, with only manual adjustments but still made for a comfortable result with no issues to note. Back seat space is a bit tight, and the seats flat, with a hump on the floor making life uncomfortable for middle seat passengers. Trunk space is pretty pathetic, but does have a neat little sub-trunk that is ideal for a small load of groceries.

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