Sorry, you can’t have one. Yet.

But you know you want one anyway. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to get one a couple years down the road.

We drove three Volkswagen models on this little junket to Europe, and of those three, one is guaranteed, one is a big maybe, and the third even more of a longshot. We chose to start in the middle, with this Golf R Variant, the big maybe, because the more interest we show, the more we clamour for this hot AWD wagon across North America, the more likely we are to get it. Granted, it will also depend on the number of Golf Rs and Golf Wagons, er, sorry, Golf Sportwagons we buy, so get out your chequebook and start underwriting the business case for Volkswagen Canada to have yours delivered posthaste.

What were the other two? The Golf Alltrack, due to land here in North America next fall (2016) as a 2017 model and the Golf GTD Variant, a hotted up diesel wagon, a model even more unlikely to reach our shores than the R Variant.

Now, it is well established that we will be getting the Golf R, tuned for our roads at 292 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, launching simultaneously with availability of the DSG twin-clutch auto and manual stick, and equipped with standard all-wheel drive to make the most use of all those horses running amok.

This Variant basically bumps cargo volume from 645 L to 860 and from 1,492 to 1,883 with those rear seats folded and gives you that long, sleek roofline. Now that my kids are out of strollers, that large cargo bay would be largely wasted except on longer road trips, but for those that like to spread out or pack heavy, this would be a big benefit.

Being based on the same MQB architecture as all other Golfs, the seating space is just as we’ve come to expect, generous in front and reasonable in the back seat, the flat roofline offering sufficient headroom. The seats in this unit are superb, stitched cloth, with alcantara-trimmed bolsters that redouble their hold on you when cornering forces are pulling you sideways. North American hatchback models come standard with leather, as would any R Variant (with prices starting at $39,995 for the hatch, the wagon would likely add a couple grand), but they are also two-tone with R badged sport seats that, if previous experience is anything to go by, will hug you tight and keep you comfortable even on long drives.

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