Update: Added towing and powertrain details.

Video by Jeff Voth, photos and introduction by Jonathan Yarkony

I’ll keep this one simple. The Chevrolet Colorado is a welcome addition to the truck market. For years, small trucks languished, the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon put out to pasture and the Ford Ranger no longer available in North America, while the remaining options like the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier and Honda Ridgeline suffered geologic development cycles.

The return of the GM small trucks has sparked some life in the segment, with a pair of subtly differentiated trucks from GMC and Chevrolet prompting Toyota to refresh its aging Tacoma with non-ancient powertrain and some modern amenities. Rumours and interest abound for the return of the Ranger, which is an icon in Asia looks ready to take on the GM twins if Ford can find a price point at which it will sell without interfering with the F-150’s chokehold on the top spot of the bestseller list. Still, GM has leapt to the forefront with the Canyon and Colorado, claiming the Motor Trend Truck of the Year and Canadian Truck King Challenge titles, the latte of which uses real-world towing, payload and off-road tests.

We wanted to see for ourselves what it could do, so we got some time in it for ourselves, and got Jeff Voth in it for a Quick Spin of his own.

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