I’ve visited a whackload of family sedans in the past year or so, driving each for no fewer than seven days and 1,200 kilometers.

Great stuff, today’s family sedan offerings. Even average attainably-priced models now pack features and tech once reserved for six-figure flagships being driven by business executives, or serious-looking dudes with Ray-Bans speeding dignitaries out of hot-zones.

Some of that technology enhances fuel efficiency. Some enhances connectivity. Some enhances comfort. All of it translates into a family car marketplace that’s packing more value than ever. If you’re looking for a new family ride, there’s never been a better time to check one out.

With that, may I present a list of family sedan offerings I’ve encountered in the past year or so that should be considered by shoppers prioritizing comfort, efficient performance and great value? You’ll have your own list of favourites, and mine are listed below.

Ford Fusion: With lines and sculpting and details that were once the stuff of concept cars, Fusion’s looks hit big-time above its price-range. Same thing on board, where you’ll get a futuristic and high-tech looking cabin complete with touchpad controls, touchscreens, and customizable instrument cluster displays. On my test-drive, I noted spirited performance from the 2.0L turbocharged EcoBoost engine, fantastic braking performance in emergency stops, and a great, fast-acting AWD system that finds traction on even the most challenging surfaces. Elsewhere, Fusion serves up a decent trunk, plenty of room for four adults, more than adequate levels of at-hand storage and hookups for connecting and recharging all of your gadgets.

Ultimately, the Fusion is refreshingly upscale, fun to drive, and very, very advanced in terms of the driver to vehicle interface. This makes it sort of an ultra-modern, family-ready, winter-ready sport sedan, which is awesome.

Chevrolet Impala:  The latest generation of Chevrolet’s big family sedan gets great new looks, new power, new features, and more luxury, refinement and comfort than ever. It’s gorgeous, very comfortable, very quiet, very roomy, and packs a big 305 hp V6 that achieves excellent highway cruising mileage. This was one of the thriftiest 300-plus horsepower cars I’ve ever driven.

High-tech hazard detection safety systems provide added confidence for you or anyone driving your Impala, and the nicely-trimmed new cabin, and expertly-tuned ride contribute to all-around easy-driving comfort. In all, here’s a machine that’s very well-equipped for sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the ride with comfort and confidence. Room to spare, too – the rear seat is more than adequate for two full grown adults, three in a pinch.  Impala should be considered a priority test-drive for shoppers after a stylish sedan that’s set up beautifully for long-distance travels.

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