I’m not the sort of fella who is particularly fabulous. Or the sort of guy who likes a convertible, or the sort of dude particularly concerned with colour-coordinated seat accents to match my convertible roof, or colour-coordinated interior trim to match my paint. All of these are key offerings that define the Volkswagen Beetle’s new Classic Convertible model variant.

Volkswagen says the interior colour accents and palette intend to appeal to the fashionista, and although I’m mocked, often and vigorously, for ownership of a pair of sunglasses colour-matched to my car, and a suspect-looking pair of blue sneakers, I don’t consider myself one of those, either.

The Beetle Classic Convertible has a special paint colour, repeated on the interior accents. A special brown fabric top. Specially styled cloth seats with brown leather trim, accent stitching, and a faint checkerboard cloth pattern. And, perhaps the Beetle Classic’s most eyeball-snatching party favor, it’s got a fantastic looking set of retro-dish heritage wheels that call the original Beetle to mind and make nearby tuner-kids do a quadruple take. They look like the cabbage-shredding attachment on my food processor, and I think they’re neat.

Nobody who got close to the tester left unaffected. Everyone stops and looks, and most say they love it. Others expressed surprise when your writer, not a middle-age lady wielding a purse-dog, got out.

Looks aside, there’s something sort of magical about convertible motoring in the fall, with the beautiful colours out on the trees, accenting the beautiful colours of the car. I had a ton of fun photographing it against the mid-October backdrop. It’s a pleasing drive, too. And throughout this attention-grabbing variant of an already attention-grabbing car, you see numerous VW traits employed towards that promise.

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