With a recent and total do-over of the Lexus RX, Lexus’s hot-selling crossover now boasts styling, manners and trimmings that pull their weight harder than ever towards its price tag.

When dropping sixty-plus on a luxury crossover, shoppers want to feel like they’ve just dropped sixty-plus on a luxury crossover: approaching the vehicle in a parking lot, hopping on board, in the look of the cabin, in the way it drives, in the way it impresses visiting and regular passengers, and through numerous little details that surprise and delight. On the basis of these criteria, the new RX hits hard.

The tested RX 350 F Sport flaunts a sportier and more dynamic look than standard RX models, features up-sized wheels, a more aggressive fascia and numerous cosmetic tweaks applied across a meticulously chiseled body that looks like a concept ute. Following the latest in Lexus styling, complete with a unique floating-roof look, artful use of LED lighting and swoopy accent lines, the RX’s new form is one of a kind, and light-years ahead of previous models where uniqueness and distinctiveness are concerned. Best of all, the use of chrome and glitz is restrained and tasteful, and the RX 350 F Sport isn’t as aggressively blinged-out as the front row of a Wiz Khalifa concert.

On board, drivers are treated to a similarly rich and distinguished appearance. The RX 350 F Sport intends to give sports car fans a worthy crossover option, with highly-bolstered sports seats, a digital-ring instrument cluster, a unique colour scheme, and more. For those who really wanted a sports coupe but need extra space and clearance and capability, a machine like this one might fill the gap.

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