The crossover formerly known as the Infiniti EX, and presently known as the Infiniti QX50, isn’t exactly a crossover at all. It’s not tall, blocky or towering. A person of average height can see the top of its roof. Entry occurs after stepping in over a thin sill, followed by a plunk down, as if boarding a sedan. Seated, you’re not left towering over the road, or surrounded by excessive space.

It’s comfortable inside, though not full of emptiness.

So QX50 is technically a crossover SUV, but it comes off more like a station wagon. Or maybe, a luxury sports sedan wearing a backpack.

When shopper priorities in an upscale, high-utility model fall far from a towering driving position, heavy towing capabilities, or a jacked-up ride height for off-roading, the QX50 makes an interesting and compelling choice. Key crossover benefits like AWD, extended flexibility and cargo capacity, and a slightly-elevated driving position come with none of the bloat. It handles like a car, not a wheelbarrow. Elderly passengers and clumsy canines will find entry and exit a breeze, the seating position is barely higher than that of a big family car, and you feel like you’re surrounded by the QX50’s leather-lined cabin, not sitting up above it.

And QX50 maneuvers, drives, steers and rides just like a car does. And a sporty one, too.

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