Your writer is feeling a little obsolete in this review, since it’s my job to explain about how a vehicle rides, performs and functions, even though none of that is why most folks buy an Acura RDX.

It’s a little quiet looking, as luxury utes go, but under the discreetly handsome 2016 Acura RDX’s skin, it’s a total sales superstar – and not because of attributes like those mentioned above.

Here, topping the sales charts for both Acura, and for its market segment, comes largely as a result of traits associated with the badge on the hood. As an Acura, RDX has a solid reputation for reliability, sensibility, honest pricing, decent fuel mileage, and all sorts of warm and fuzzy stuff that prudent shoppers like. RDX promises a wholesome, down-to-earth, no B.S. ownership experience, which has helped move many copies while turning many first-time Acura shoppers into repeat Acura buyers. Winning virtually every award there is for safety and residual value doesn’t hurt, either.

Model year 2016 sees the RDX dotted with updates and enhancements. Jewel-eye LED headlamps are applied, the engine is powered up a snudge, numerous exterior elements are restyled to convey Acura’s latest styling language, and a new suite of safety and connectivity features are included. Improvements to ride and handling have been carried out too, the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system is more assertive in sending power to the rear wheels, and a small price increase nets shoppers a more comprehensive list of feature content.

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