The following are five reasons why your writer thinks the Volvo S60 is a hell of a luxury sedan for Canadian drivers:

1)    It has the most comfortable seats you’ll sit in, in the course of your day.

2)    It has a truly unique and upscale cabin that’s not lined in gawdy chrome, glitzy trim or simulated wood grain like your Grandmother’s LeSabre.

3)    It feels solid, dense and well-built throughout—right down to the action of the door handles, turn-signal lever and buttons and knobs on the dash.

4)    It’s engineered in Sweden, where people go cross-country skiing at lunch and love being outside and active in lousy winter weather. This shows in many areas, including the expertly-tuned stability control and anti-lock braking systems which are highly effective at extracting traction from virtually any surface.

5)    It’s a jeans and a T-Shirt sort of luxury sedan that flies under the radar and won’t likely make your fellow motorists wonder if you’re involved in pharmaceutical redistribution, or if you own a collection of designer man-purses.

I have spent many kilometres together with the S60 in its various forms, on the highway, on the racetrack and, more than both of those, in winter.

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