Chances are, you do not need me to write an exposé on Land Rover’s dubious reliability record, report on the Range Rover’s ability to scale hostile terrain, or marvel at this Supercharged model’s flexibilty to run on either gasoline or clean, crisp hundred dollar bills. Just stuff a wad right in the fuel tank and watch its performance wake right up. Nope, this one strays decidedly away from the consumer advice section and gets filed right under voyeurism. So strap right in and let me tell you what it’s like to experience the pleasures of British Royalty wrapping me in leather while massaging my aching back.

First of all, the leather. Short of Rolls-Royce and Bentley, these must surely be the finest hides you can set your seat on. The colour of toffee and the texture of whipped cream, they are wonderfully supportive and filled with little air-bladder fists that can knead your back in a variety of different ways. Being the executive class Long Wheelbase model, the rear seats are as contoured and adjustable as the front seats, with the same massage, heating and cooling functions, supplemented by large, headrest-mounted individual screens paired with wireless headphones for each rear passenger. Being the driver, I rarely got to enjoy these magnificent seats that just beg you to berate your driver and call him “James.”

You won’t want to use those wireless headphones, and the screens will surely be a disappointment compared to the flat screen plasma TV at home, but only a night at the opera itself will compare to the carefully crafted audio experience in the top-of-the-line Range Rover. Meridian provides their Signature Reference Audio System with 1,700 watts of amplification power to 29 speakers throughout the cabin for uncompromised sound reproduction.

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The only difficulty you will experience with the interior is the ingress, which, even at the Range Rover’s lowest “access” setting, is still quite a step up without running boards or a prostrate servant to provide that intermediary step. You may want to select your outfit with care with this operation in mind.

Aside from the benefit of lowering the large vehicle for ease of access, the Range Rover’s variable height will rarely be used for its intended purpose: traversing unpaved and hostile terrain with aplomb and ease. With an approach angle of 34.7°, departure angle of 29.5°, ramp angle of 26.1° and maximum obstacle clearance of 295 mm (11.6 inches), it can do things it would take a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen to do while providing quarters as plush as an S-Class. It seemingly has more electronic systems than a fighter jet to conquer any terrain or condition, but generally the Auto setting will adapt to conditions, and only severe trails would warrant the elevated ride height and low-range setting of the transfer case, though the Snow setting would obviously get a good workout in our climate. It could even tow 3,500 kg if you wanted to demean it as your beast of burden. No, the airport run is the more likely expedition for this limousine-spec Range Rover, and indeed it successfully navigated the twists and turns of Toronto’s Pearson ramps jungle.

Its turning circle of 13 m diameter is tighter than that of some small yachts, so best to have a long, winding drive up to your estate and a wide roundabout at the end.

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