The premium crossover marketplace has a heap of products calling out for the bucks of Canadians, and arguably, none turns heads rolling down the road as easily as the Range Rover Evoque. One’s eyes would tire before identifying all of the intricate shapes and lines and textures, and the accented, sculpted bits that set the Evoque’s body apart with a nearly concept-car look. The stance and fascias convey a sense of eager, adventure-ready alertness. In all, it’s a remarkable-looking machine, with styling worth celebrating. In my locale, seeing one is something a bit special, and it’s definitely not a machine that’ll blend into the sea of X3’s and RDX’s and SRX’s on one’s daily drive.

The interior is similarly unique and striking, with an easygoing and clean luxury look favoured over an excessively techy one. The dash on the top-grade tester was trimmed in stitched leather and sloped away from the driver for a bigger sense of space, with a steeply-raked centre console offering pass-through storage beneath. A tasteful, casually-upscale blend of leather and stitching and aluminum and glossy black accents creates an environment that’s relaxing. It’s more ‘khakis and a golf shirt’ than ‘suit and tie’ luxury on board.

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