An hour or so after leaving the Jaguar XF following a day on the road, you notice something: the buttery leather used on the seats is so fragrant, it leaves its smell on your clothes for hours. Big deal? No – but just one of those delightful little touches that help contribute to a luxury car experience.

There are other little touches. Some chrome and aluminum and stitching and a touch of satin-silver trim are applied through the cabin, as is a bit of theater when the air vents open up in sync with the shift-knob rising from the console when you start the engine. Again, little stuff, but unique, and it adds up.

Further, there’s room enough for four adults to spare, a decent trunk, and a mighty potent Meridian stereo system. And personally, your correspondent loved the uncluttered, simple and elegant look to the layout of the console and dash. Unlike comparable German and Japanese and American luxury cars, XF isn’t lined with numerous interfaces, controls, screens and button-clutter. It’s a straightforward, classy and relaxing looking interior.

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