In Sudbury, we don’t have many Ferraris and Vipers and Porsches, because folks here spend disposable income less on hot cars, and more on hot sleds, hot boats, rocket-propelled ATV’s and big-ass camps and cottages.

The odd 458, 911 or Viper rolling around turns heads and gets young Instagrammers whipping out their cellulars, though in pickup territory, it’s the latest truck that gathers the crowds at Home Depot, the gas station, or the coffee shop.

This time? The new Canyon. I met plenty of folks during a week of driving, many measuring the Canyon for size against their own rigs, peeking under the hood, taking photos, investigating the tailgate bumper steps, expressing surprise at how big the Canyon is in person, asking about the price, and commenting on how the tested unit had a side profile that reminded them strongly of a Toyota Tacoma.

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