Much of the pre-launch reading material on the Cadillac ATS Sedan referenced a recurring theme: through development, each part, component and prototype was designed, built and brought to the ‘boss’ by the engineers for approval, but the boss kept sending them back with a simple demand.

That demand? “Make it lighter”.

The result, aimed at creating a sports sedan to give comparables from ze Germans a bit of a headache, was about the lightest, most nimble and purest driver’s cars in its segment. I remember driving that ATS Sedan on a handling course when it finally arrived, and grinning to myself.

“They’ve nailed it!” I thought. This thing felt really, really good.

A two-door ATS Coupe variant has just launched. Most of the body panels are unique, as are the wheels. The ride height is lowered and the track is widened, helping enhance an already fantastic driver’s car with added stability and plantedness.

Inside, the doors are reconfigured with shorter windows, and the ATS’s glossy, metal-trimmed take on blending high-tech with high luxury on board is alive and well. Outside, visual updates discreetly include a faster-looking rake to the windshield and a slightly shaved roof. It looks athletic, without screaming about it.

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