Photos by Jonathan Yarkony and Andrew Leslie

Odometer at pick-up (GTI): 2,711 km
Odometer final (GTI): 4,698 km (1,987 km by
Observed Fuel Consumption GTI:  10.2 L/100 km
Fuel costs (GTI): $231.84 (1,987 km – Premium Gas)
Fuel costs (TDI): $151.66 (2,104 km)
Fuel cost (1.8T): $244.98 (3,054 km)
Fuel costs (Total): $628.48

The Volkswagen Golf line continues its unquestioned ownership of your dear scribe’s heart. Wrapping up our Golf long-term test with the 2015 GTI was a stroke of foresight – it is, quite simply, the car for me. So any rational evaluation of its merits relative to its lineup and the competition is clouded by the insidious fog of subjective conviction.

Is it the car for everyone? No. While it’s a sporty performance car, its front-wheel-drive layout and modest power mean it is not quite an ideal track car, and cars with less power and greater balance (like the Mazda MX-5 and Subaru BRZ) might serve that mission better. Other cars at a similar price point will appeal to the power-hungry, delivering greater speed if compromised practicality. Some people have more than two or three kids, or like to make big purchases at Costco every other weekend.

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