Review by Jonathan Yarkony and Noah Shapiro, photos by Jonathan Yarkony

Odometer at pick-up: 1,744 km
Odometer Current: 8,811 km (7,067 by
Fuel Consumption: 7.23 L/100 km
Costs: $633.40 ($567.35 Fuel; $66.05 oil change)

For this penultimate long-term update, we have a couple of last things to report on. Although we don’t have the opportunity to take a vehicle in for service with every long-term test, it is a milestone we relish as it lends an opportunity to experience another aspect of ownership that we rarely get treated to ourselves. Dealership service.

We called up the nearest dealership shortly after eclipsing the 8,000-km mark and after getting reminded (several times) by the onboard maintenance calendar’s notification system. We quickly and easily scheduled an appointment at a convenient time the following week, though we could have requested an ideal time using an online form as well.

On the day of the appointment, I rolled in and was confused after parking my car – you see, it’s actually a drive-in service bay, an unexpected efficiency. After pulling my car into the queue, I walked right by the service counter and into the dealership, before realizing, that it was so conveniently placed that I walked right by it. I mean, who arranges their dealerships this efficiently? It’s bizarre.

So after two minutes checking in the vehicle, I was offered a courtesy ride back to my office, but declined as I had Jacob standing by with his long-term vehicle en route to his own Mazda CX-3 service appointment. Had I opted to wait, I could have chilled in the lounge and enjoyed the free coffee and wifi.

So after spending a bit of time in the shoes of an owner, I also called in one of our resident forum members that daily drives a 2010 Corolla to get the point of view from the Corolla faithful to see what he thought of the new Corolla.

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