Originally published July 13, 2015

Ford Mustang vs Nissan 370Z vs Hyundai Genesis Coupe vs Scion FR-S

Review by Jeff Wilson, Jonathan Yarkony and Ronnie Fung
Photos by Jeff Wilson and Ronnie Fung

Introduction, Jeff Wilson

Lordy, what a time to be alive!

Why, we can live-stream video chat from our phones with people around the planet. Scientists are preparing to send folks to Mars in our lifetime! And best of all, there are still a few great, simple and affordable rear-wheel-drive sports cars available in Canada!

For those of us faithfully praying at the altar of motoring purity, the four machines we have assembled here are among the best of what seemed to be a dying breed: cars that demand to be driven. Naturally, they do have all the mandated safety nannies – antilock brakes, traction and stability control systems and more inflatable surface area than a bouncy castle, but by golly, if you want to, you can steer these things with your right foot, and if you keep that foot planted hard enough you can vaporize a set of rear tires in a long and lurid smoke show. Okay, except maybe the FR-S.

Of course that would be gratuitous and not at all what we’re here to do. Rather, we’re looking to celebrate that all four of these cars can be purchased by folks with modest incomes. We’re applauding their sassy appearances compared to utilitarian-looking hot hatchbacks and frumpy little sedans. And most of all, we give praise that these machines send power to the wheels at the back, enabling purer, unencumbered steering up front and honest-to-goodness manual transmissions to choose your own gear while doing so.

It’s like a miracle from above that’s given us these soulful machines, back from the brink of extinction.

Praise be!

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