But wait, you say, the Super Bowl is over. It’s the end of Monday already. Haven’t you missed the boat? Well, no. If you’ve done Super Bowl properly, your sorry, hungover body should only now be capable of focusing on a monitor and interpreting the squiggly mess on the screen as language.

Yes, it’s time to approach yesterday’s bonanza of overstimulation with a set of fresher, more sober eyes. We’ve broken them down into broad categories for ease of consumption. You may want to keep a hanky handy for some of the later entries.

Inspiration is people talking/singing over pretty pictures

Needs more lens flare.

Toyota Camry – How Great I Am

The first of three ads Toyota scheduled for their Super Bowl blitz, this particular spot features Paralympic medalist Amy Purdy and a rarely broadcast Muhammad Ali speech. The message is clear, though the Toyota Camry would never be mistaken for anything less than an industry titan.

Dodge Challenger – Wisdom

It’s easy to wave this off as simply another “young at heart” advert and remark on the incongruity of senior citizens and Hellcats. But then a quick glimpse at their birth years reveals that they were all born before the first World War, and the entire affair takes on a distinctly Upworthy sheen.

Jeep Renegade – Beautiful Lands

Jeep’s Big Game ad is a study in irony. “This Land is Your Land”, that most American of folk songs, plays while images from all over the globe flash on screen. The Jeep Renegade, in various trims, makes a few half-hearted attempts at off-roading, but mainly sticks to the highways, despite its Trail-Rated badge. The automaker’s shelled out cold, hard cash for one of the most coveted, expensive airtime slots in American television, yet doesn’t play to its audience, who are most likely looking for something more engaging than a YouTube slideshow.

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