Brazilian-built, liquid-cooled VW Kombi will be on display in Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles display

With new regulations in Brazil requiring all cars to be equipped with ABS and dual-front airbags, the 56 year production run of Volkswagen’s iconic bus comes to a close. And, in fitting tribute to such an amazing production run, the last Kombi has been shipped to Volkswagen’s Hannover, Germany museum to be put on display as part of their Commercial Vehicles collection.

The Type 2 has seen production in many countries over the years, including Mexico, Argentina, and Germany, in addition to Brazil.

With no real competitors in the Brazilian market, the local government even considered giving Volkswagen a waiver to continue production of the van.

However, all attempts to save production have faltered. The last Kombi ever produced – a blue-and-white Kombi Last Edition sporting some very retro white wheels – will find a permanent home in Germany.

More details are available over at Hemmings Daily.

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