LONDON, ON, – Carproof is helping dealers who require a fast snapshot of a vehicles history to help make on-the-spot decisions in addition to the regular detailed reports.

“When our dealers are considering cars that are older than 10 years, they told us that in some cases, what they wanted was a screening tool as a starting point,” shared Chris Afonso, Vice President Dealer Sales at CarProof.  “QuickProof gives them that tool, and the ability to cost-effectively screen for damage on those older vehicles.”

In addition to the VIN decode, QuickProof quickly and simply returns a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ finding on whether that vehicle has ever sustained damage. ‘Damage’ includes searching cross-Canada for insurance accident/collision estimates (except from ICBC and SGI), police reported accidents, US findings and CAMVAP buy-backs.

Available on vehicles that are over 10 years old (model year 2001 and earlier), QuickProof provides a great snapshot than can later be augmented with a vehicle history report to assist with compliance to regulations or disclosing all the detailed information to customers. The $7 cost of QuickProof is also credited against that VIN’s vehicle history report, if subsequently purchased.


Source: Canada Newswire / Carproof

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