LONDON, ON,  – ADESA Canada, the country’s largest vehicle auction service is partnering with CarProof to offer CarProof reports on the vast majority of dealer, public and local fleet vehicles consigned at auction, on Dealerblock and OPENLANE, effective June 1, 2012.

“We are pleased to be partnering with CarProof to offer a more transparent experience for our customers – it takes their ability to buy with confidence to the next level,” said Stephane St-Hilaire, President of ADESA Canada. “Transparency in the used car business is increasingly becoming a topic of conversation and we feel that this is a positive change for both vehicle buyers and sellers.”

If a dealer is purchasing the vehicle at auction to re-sell, the CarProof report will follow the vehicle to the ultimate buyer. The result is the advantage of complete information for all those involved in the transaction process and the confidence that comes with peace of mind for the individual who ultimately buys it.

When asked what makes CarProof the report that Canadians rely on, Marty Meadows, Vice-President of Strategic Accounts and Business Development at CarProof, said it’s the fact that the company provides the best information, the best customer service and total impartiality.  “When you think about it, cars change owners. They may be involved in accidents, they could have come from different countries – the details of a particular vehicle’s past are always changing. The one constant throughout those changes however, is CarProof; we follow that vehicle from when it rolls off of the assembly line through its entire life, and share that information with each new individual that interacts with it. You don’t have to rely on what someone is telling you about its history because you can know the facts without bias from CarProof.”


Source: Canada Newswire / Carproof / ADESA

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