Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto will be offered by almost every major auto manufacturer by the end of the year. In this day and age, a large majority of people living in cities and the surrounding areas are becoming increasingly dependent on their smartphones. It’s why tech giants, Apple and Google, are partnering up with the manufacturers to bring the same interfaces into our cars. Both systems effectively turn your media screen in your car into a familiar tablet/smartphone-type interface by integrating with your mobile device.

Hyundai are first to market and you can now update the software (for free) in a 2015 Sonata – equipped with factory Navi – with an early-release version of Android Auto. Consumer Reports have tested out this early-release version with a Google Nexus phone. CR reports the Android Auto system works well, generally speaking. They say it’s easy to make and receive calls using your voice, or to compose and listen to text messages. They also say using Google maps and navigation is easy and intuitive. The on-screen buttons and menus are large, easy to read, and straightforward to use. This is all key to a car’s media unit.

Apple’s CarPlay for Hyundai isn’t quite ready yet but you can be sure it will be available in the next few months.

Meanwhile, General Motors announced yesterday that Chevrolet will begin offering Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality with many of its 2016 model-year vehicles.

CarPlay systems will be ready for launch before Android Auto and the 2016 MY Chevrolet Cruze sedan will be the first vehicle to feature Apple’s CarPlay. Chevrolet’s MyLink system will be required to run either system.

Smartphone integration will be expanding to the Camaro, Colorado, Corvette, Impala, Malibu, Silverado, Spark, Suburban, Tahoe, and Volt for 2016 MYs, while the Equinox and Traverse will not offer the systems (does this spell impending doom for them?). Android Auto availability will follow by the end of the year for the same vehicles.

How do the readers feel about this? Do many of you forgo your car’s media systems to use your phone instead, currently?



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