Volvo has unveiled their champion in the luxury full-size sedan segment ahead of its debut in Detroit next month. Going up against well established players in a niche category, Volvo is betting on a striking design and a generous list of features to get the attention and possibly the vote of confidence of potential customers. In fact, the all-new Volvo S90 will sport the Mjölnir design headlamps, the hammer-shaped LED strip light style named after Thor’s mythical hammer that complete a handsome and muscular front-end. As for the rear end, we’ll let you decide what your thoughts are on design.

The luxury sedan will offer technologies such as a semi autonomous driving feature and will also introduce the new City Safety – large animal detection technology with intuitive warning and brake support system, capable of detecting, say a ninja moose that could sneak up to your front bumper on a dark, poorly lit road.

Under the hood of the S90, Volvo has opted for a plug-in hybrid T8 Twin Engine powertrain. Specs have yet to be announced. It will also provide the driver with a superior luxury experience thanks to a high end interior design and infotainment system with a layout once again similar to the XC90’s.

The Swedish beauty will be officially launched at the 2016 NAIAS.

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