The Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto has attracted some high-quality concepts, production cars and innovative ideas for 2015. We asked Jonathan and Jacob to wipe the drool from their faces and give us their highlights. The Show opens to the public Friday, February 13 and will be open daily until February 22 and is located at the Metro Toronto convention centre. For show hours, ticket prices and full details, visit

Jonathan’s Picks:

Best in Show: Ford GT
Well, it was best in show in Detroit, and it surprised us that it made here to Toronto, so who are we to complain that we had a chance to ogle the Ford GT in person. With aerodynamic aids that look like Futurist sculpture and a 600-hp twin-turbo V6, the carbon-fibre GT promises to be lightweight and supercar humbling. Ford took the opportunity of its Canadian debut to announce that this supercar and racing platform will be built right here in Canada, in conjunction with Markham, Ontario racing outfit Multimatic, so a return to Le Mans seems inevitable. I can already picture the Gulf Livery.

But Ford didn’t stop there. Also on display are the Raptor off-road racing truck, Mustang GT350R and its flat-plane crankshaft 5.2L V8, Hot Wheels-come-to-life Rip Rod, so plan to block off some time to appreciate all the goods at the Ford stand.

Best Concepts: Infiniti Q80 Inspiration and Infiniti Q60 Coupe
Infiniti’s display can easily be called the most beautiful on this show floor, with two gorgeous concepts in the Q80 Inspiration that previews a future flagship sedan and advanced powertrain technology and the Q60 Coupe Concept that previews the upcoming coupe based on the Q50 sport sedan. Both concepts are just dripping with sexy curves and tight lines, with lighting elements that will hypnotize you and have you stumbling into other showgoers.

Best Orange Green Car Concept: Chevrolet Bolt
Granted, the Bolt is still a concept, but GM’s Volt is a stellar extended-range EV, so this pug-nosed hatchback fully electric vehicle seems an easy green light for production and very promising as a Nissan Leaf and Kia Soul EV competitor. Also on display next to the Volt is the redesigned 2016 Chevrolet Volt, and perhaps less exciting, but far more relevant to mainstream shoppers is a facelifted Chevrolet Equinox.

Best Truck: Nissan Titan XD
Yes, Ford may have its Raptor and Ram the Rebel, but those are essentially toy trucks, while Nissan’s Titan is a gamechanger. The first to drop a diesel V8 in a light truck, the Titan’s Cummins-diesel-powered max towing approaches that of heavy duty trucks of not so long ago. Sure it looks like it was designed with a sledgehammer, but Nissan is putting the Titan on the map with this clever medium duty diesel.

Best Experience: Peel P50 Electric Vehicle Drive
Someone took the world’s smallest car and installed a teensy little electric motor in it to make it drivable indoor. If you can fold yourself into lawn-chair seat, it’s a neat little thing to scoot around the little test track that has been set up for it.

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