Major auto shows have some impressive machinery to debut and show off and the 2015 Geneva Motor Show certainly did not disappoint! The smorgasbord of supercar and luxury vehicle unveils from the likes of Aston Martin, McLaren, Mansory, Maybach, Porsche and Lamborghini (to name a few) was enough to impress even the most jaded and seasoned auto journalist.

If you’ve been following along with us, you’ve undoubtedly seen the new fire-breathing, track-only Aston Martin Vulcan, the facelifted 2016 Range Rover Evoque, Kia Sportspace sportwagon, the Aston Martin DBX Crosscountry-style concept, Bentley’s EXP 10 Speed 6 that looks like a cross between the Jaguar F-Type and Bentley’s own Continental, and a whole lot more!

We won’t waste your time by recapping those cars again so we picked a handful of some pretty awesome machinery to round out our Geneva coverage.

First up, we have the Mansory Lamborghini Huracan. Mansory took a Huracan, drowned it in carbon fibre, boosted the 5.2L V10 from 600 hp to 1,000 hp, and called it the Torofeo. The power comes via two large turbos with the accompanying upgraded fuel system, a water-cooled intercooler system, new pistons, cams, rods and, of course, an upgraded exhaust system.

Mansory also added new larger air intakes up front to keep things cooler. They’ve also made the wheel arches more prominent while widening the body. A new rear spoiler and diffuser and new mirrors improve airflow while adding more aesthetic appeal. Inside the cabin, Mansory have added more leather, a new steering wheel and Alcantara-covered. Staggered forged wheels, 21 inches out back and 20 inches up front keep things rolling along.

Next up we have the Ferrari 488 GTB. The replacement for the outgoing 4.5L V8-equipped 458 packs a smaller displacement 3.9L turbocharged V8. Do not let that fool you. The 488 GTB cranks out 661 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque! That’s more torque than the venerable 458 Speciale. That’s also almost as much hp as the new McLaren 675LT, but even more torque. For reference sake, that’s also more hp and torque than the new Huracan and the new V10 R8. Giddy-up!

Revised advanced electronics, updated bodywork and aerodynamics with a new interior add to the magnificent prancing pony. This is the kind of “downgrade” we can get behind. Check out the photos above.

We would be remiss not to include the Porsche 911 GT3 RS in this roundup. The awesome thing about Porsche is that they take an already near-magical machine and make it even better than you could imagine. The new GT3 RS may just be the best hardcore production model to come from Porsche. The boxer-six “only” pumps out 500 hp and 338 lb-ft of torque but manages to sprint to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. For a naturally aspirated rear-wheel-drive track-oriented car, that’s pretty impressive in anyone’s book.

Due to Porsche’s commitment to keeping weight issues under control, the GT3 RS manages to trim 22 lb. of fat from the standard version by taking advantage of carbon-fibre and magnesium components. The weight savings work well with the new super-aggressive front splitter and monster rear wing. This combination is good for running the Nürburgring an entire 5 seconds faster than the standard GT3.

The new GT3 is truly a track car that just happens to be street legal.

For the ultimate in size and lavishness, everyone needs the new Maybach S600 Pullman. Don’t they? The new Maybach Pullman is massive. Celebrating the Pullman’s 50th birthday, Mercedes have gone bonkers in lavishness. 21.3 feet of rolling special status, the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman provides space for a generously-sized and tastefully-appointed club lounge in the rear. Fully equipped with a multitude of creature comforts fitted as standard, for the ultimate in exclusivity and luxury. Typical of a Pullman, four passengers sit facing each other in the cabin with an electrically operated partition window. Prices for unarmoured models start at over one million dollars. If you need to ask about this one, you can’t afford it.

Last but not least, we have the EDAG Light Cocoon. The innovative Light Cocoon has a name that you wouldn’t immediately associate with a car. That’s probably because it’s different than anything that’s currently out there.

The unique 3-D printed Light Cocoon concept takes inspiration from tree branches and leaves. Mother Nature is arguably the ultimate designer and engineer. The design is meant to maximize strength and durability with a minimum of material. All of the work comes out of EDAG’s own 3-D printers. EDAG doesn’t mention a powertrain for the Light Cocoon as it was never meant for the road. It exists as a showcase to push the boundaries of what’s possible and could be a signal for what’s to come in auto design.

The EDAG makes use of a material called Texapore Softshell 02+ made by the German outdoor company, Jack Wolfskin. Stretched over the concept’s body, this material is lightweight, elastic, waterproof and, somewhat translucent, hence its name. By placing LEDs underneath the skin, the radical frame underneath is exposed. Pretty awesome. If this is a harbinger of what’s to come in auto design, we’re all for it!

As mentioned earlier, the Geneva Motor Show was chock full of some seriously awesome machinery. These are just a small selection of our top picks from the show. Stay tuned for more!

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