It’s the same concept as the last Boxster Spyder: a lightweight, stripped-down version that pays homage to the original Spyder released 60 years ago. Porsche describes it as a “purist sportscar.”

With aluminum-steel construction featuring aluminum doors, hood and trunk lids, the 1,350 kilogram Boxster Spyder, which will be released in limited numbers, will be the lightest car in the Porsche fleet.

Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is achieved in 4.5 seconds, making it the fastest and most powerful Boxster available.

Behind the seats you’ll find a 3.8-litre direct-injection six-cylinder engine adapted from the 911 Carrera S, and also found in the Cayman GT4. This engine makes 375 hp at 6,700 rpm (45 hp more than the Boxster GTS).

At the rear, distinctive fairings extend from behind each seat, cleverly housing the roll bars. The front and rear of the Boxster Sypder were adopted from the Cayman GT4, extending the car’s length and reducing its height by 11 mm compared to the Boxster GTS (its ride height is 20 mm lower than the standard Boxster).

But for the purist buyer, the Boxster Spyder is all about manual operation. The manual top is still a little reluctant to erect (if an unintended demonstration at the vehicle’s New York world premiere is anything to go by), but it does appear simpler than the previous generation Boxster Spyder. Once fitted, it doesn’t detract from the car’s sleek lines.

Shifting the Boxster Spyder’s six gears is done manually as well, and its climate control system is supplied by a heater or the open air (no standard air conditioning, in other words). No audio, either, other than the sound of the engine behind your shoulder.

Creature comfort options like air conditioning and an audio system are available for the not-so-purist sports car driver who just likes the looks, exclusivity and enhanced performance of the Boxster Spyder, however.

Personally, I think it’s got awesome looks and is definitely “old school” as far as hands-on roadsters are concerned. Porsche will likely make as many as are ordered, so get yours in now for delivery later this year. No pricing yet, but expect it to be top-of-the-line.

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