Subaru have just unveiled every fanboy and fangirl’s wet dream with the BRZ STI Concept at the 2015 New York Auto Show. The BRZ STI was the star of Subaru’s press conference announcing their renewed commitment to expanding Subaru’s performance division–Subaru Tecnica International, Inc. (STI)–in North America.

The STI division has a long and illustrious history dating back to 1989 when Subaru built their first Legacy STI. They went on to win three manufacturer titles in the highly contest World Rally Championship.

Subaru says to look out for STI parts and accessories as well as more complete cars in the STI lineup. The focus will be on suspension, braking, chassis and aerodynamic upgrades for now, with further expansion into bolt-on engine tuning parts.

There is also potential for an increased engineering presence in future motorsports activity.
Complete cars and performance parts available now in Japan focus on the WRX STI, Forester and BRZ models.

Now, onto the BRZ STI Concept. The STI Performance Concept is Subaru’s showcase for the engineering prowess and tuning capabilities of STI. The heart of the BRZ comes from the BRZ Super GT racecar. It’s based upon the turbo EJ20 and it’s the engine every fanboy and fangirl has been clamouring for since the Toyobaru’s inception. The Concept also features suspension and chassis components, a redesigned wide body – front and rear – and aerodynamic upgrades, including a massive GT wing, of course.

But of course, we will probably never see this concept in road-going form. Subaru crushed my hopes and dreams with this announcement: “The STI Performance Concept was developed for display purposes to announce the launch of the North American expansion of the STI brand and performance division of Subaru. There are no plans for Subaru to build or produce any production model resembling the STI Performance Concept, including a turbocharged BRZ. This is strictly a concept vehicle with a specially designed race engine prepared for track-use only.”

Oh well… too bad, race fans. For now, enjoy the teaser pictures of the ultimate BRZ.

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