Tiny Mitsubishi has its sights set on breaking into the plug-in hybrid market with the announcement of its second such model, the XR-PHEV II, which the company revealed today in Geneva.

This concept wears the most interesting and attractive bodywork we’ve seen on a Mitsu in years, including a grille that apes Lexus’s “spindle” look (and may predict the future of Mitsubishi’s design language), and overall styling that looks closer to production-ready than the original XR-PHEV Mitsu showed in Paris in 2013.

Under the hood is a gas engine that acts primarily as a generator for the 161-hp electric motor, which puts power to the road through the front wheels.

If this car makes it to production (the evolution from the original concept to this one suggests that’s a good possibility), it’d be the most compelling vehicle in the brand’s lineup, checking the boxes for crossover cred, Land Rover Evoque-esque looks, and enviro appeal. It wouldn’t be the brand’s first plug-in hybrid model; that’s the Outlander PHEV, which shares bland bodywork with the standard Outlander.

Word is the XR-PHEV II may become a showroom reality by the end of this decade; we’d suggest the sooner, the better.

Mitsu xr phev ii 1

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