Back in January, we asked you what you thought about Volvo’s S60 Cross Country and the brand’s plan to CROSS COUNTRY ALL THE THINGS!” Well, it looks as though Aston Martin has been drinking the same tasty koolaid, if the DBX concept is any indication.

A-M admits the DBX isn’t even close to a production vehicle, but represents a possible future move toward a Cross Country-esque future for the brand, combining GT-car performance with crossover-like ground clearance.

But the DBX’s drivetrain threw us for a loop: in place of the expected V8 or V12 engine, there’s a lithium sulphur battery that powers electric motors at each wheel. That also frees up what would be the engine compartment for extra cargo space. Other tech includes drive-by-wire steering, auto-dimming glass and head-up displays for driver and front passenger.

This thing looks pretty cool: check out the hint of muscle car in the car’s lines, when viewed in profile.

Had Aston Martin dreamed this up 15 years ago, they’d probably have been laughed out of Geneva’s Palexpo centre and straight into Lac Leman, but the success of other previously-unthinkable vehicles like the Porsche Cayenne has altered the automotive landscape so thoroughly that an Aston Martin crossover makes sense at this point. As was Porsche’s aim with its crossover models, Aston’s goal here is to broaden the brand’s appeal. Certainly, if the DBX becomes a reality, the company will target current Aston owners who might otherwise buy a Cayenne or Macan as daily driver, or when the Vantage or Vanquish just doesn’t suit the occasion.

Aston Martin’s press release includes nary a hint of when a production car based on the DBX might happen, but we’re actually hopeful that it will.


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