Italian design house creates a Sexy Utility Vehicle to take on all conditions in style.

It may have the heart of a Lambo, but this is no LM002 Rambo Lambo. Italdesign Giugiaro has crafted one of the coolest vehicles for the Geneva show. And, love it or hate it, the Parcour is all sorts of awesome.

Basically a high-riding Lamborghini, complete with a 5.2L raging bull, V10 powerplant, the Parcour is Italdesign’s attempt at building a high-performance SUV that looks the business. And if it doesn’t look it in your eyes, the performance numbers may change your mind with a 100kph run in 3.6 seconds thanks to 550hp and power going to all four corners.

The Parcour, named after the similarly spelled sport of running over obstacles and through parking garages like an athlete on meth, is shown in two different body styles – coupe and roadster – which offer vastly different styling above the belt line.

Expect this concept to be just that. But, it just makes you wonder what a new-age Lamborghini SUV could look like.

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