Story and photos by guest contributor, dog breeder and baking blogger, Baileygh Kaylaghh-Nibblesworth

Oh hay! As the owner of both a highly visited cake-blog and successful dog-breeding business, I’ve recently branched out into the realm of automotive reviews, because everyone knows there’s nobody better to review a car than someone who’s an expert at both cakes and canine reproduction!

Today, I’m taking a break from washing filthy puppies and taking selfies with various flans to review not a car, but a totally handy car-based accessory line: the GloveBox Automotive Organization assortment.

As a cake-blogger, master of the meringue and diva of the Devil’s Food, I often need to travel with numerous ingredients and supplies to set up special baking events and showcases for clients. And, while I’m at home waiting for cakes to bake and frostings to set and pictures of my latest goods to upload to my 47 Twitter followers, it’s over to the doggy-breeding side of my business for a load of fuzzy cuteness!

Since I share my car simultaneously with both urine-filled, slobbery puppies and delicious baked goods, the versatility of the GloveBox product line is highly appealing – some might even say it’s a necessity! GloveBox is a system of products, with numerous items available under the same umbrella, so shoppers can devise the right storage and organization option for them, their lifestyle, and their car.

The collapsible GloveBox Trunk Organizer is bound to be popular: it folds up flat, to about the size of a pizza-box, with snap-straps that hold it together and keep it from opening up like a giant accordion. Unsnap the snaps, and the organizer unfolds, with stiff, flip-down plastic panels to give it a structure, and a non-slip material underneath to hold it in place in your trunk, or back seat, so you don’t have ingredients and doggy supplies flying around while you’re fighting for a parking space at Frostings-R-Us.

The Trunk Organizer has additional snap-in compartments and dividers to set it up for objects of various sizes, too. Cake ingredients in one side, doggy drying towels and pee-pads in the other, in my case.

Best use for this one? Set it up the way you like, fill it with your baking supplies, pet supplies, emergency supplies, beach gear, soggy doggy-drying towels and whatever else, and shove it up against the back of the trunk to keep it out of the way. My favorite part was the carrying straps—if you need to, you can carry your Trunk Organizer and its contents easily with you to the kitchen, kennel, beach or even into the grocery store, as needed. Though it’s made of fabric, the fold-down plastic panels ensure the Organizer maintains its shape like a finely-cooked pie-crust, even when being carried around.

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