Some of the world’s rarest and most valuable cars, both old and new, were displayed in a garden-party setting in the lush Van Dusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver on the weekend. The Luxury & Supercar Weekend, now in its third year but first at this venue, included fashion shows and food prepared by Vancouver’s top chefs. The event, which had an $80 general admission charge, appears to have established itself as one of the most prestigious automotive events in the country.

Photos by Gerry Frechette (Click photos to enlarge; scroll down for captions)

Top to bottom: The star of the show was the new McLaren MP4-12C, one of only three pre-production prototypes in the world; The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport arrived late on Saturday, drawing a large crowd who had waited to see it; The pre-war Rolls-Royces, including two U.S.-built models, were out in force alongside the newer versions on display; Not something you see every day – a mint green 1975 Lagonda; This 1938 Peugeot Darl’mat Coupe is named for the Paris Peugeot dealer who commissioned it, and is one of the 30 known to survive out of 100 built; This Maserati MC12, reportedly one of two in Canada, is owned by local Ferrari dealer Brian Ross, and can’t be licensed for street use. So, it sits in the showroom; Gullwings a pair. The old and new of Mercedes-Benz exotics in front of the hospitality pavilion. The 1955 300SL owned by Janet Roethe won Best of Show; Italian exotics abounded at the show, and many of the red ones were parked together. Quite a sight; Two delectable vintage Maseratis, a ’73 Bora and a ’61 3500GT; The Lamborghini Aventador made its Vancouver debut at the show; Vancouver collector Bill Holt brought two of his marvellous Lagondas; The Ferrari 599 GTO is said to be the fastest Ferrari street car ever; Mercedes-Benz had a major presence at the show, with several vintage models including these two 300SLs; Three of several Jaguar E-Types enjoying the verdant splendour of Vancouver’s Van Dusen Gardens; The first and latest supercars from Toyota, the 2000GT and the Lexus LF-A, owned by OpenRoad Auto Group owner Christian Chia; Not all the Italian exotics at the show had wheels… Click image to enlarge
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