SEMA is the place to be for everything that is car mods. The manufacturers pair up with local shops or call upon their own teams to present what can turn out to be spectacular designs and variations of the models in their lineup. However, in some cases, these variations do less than wow us and leave us scratching our heads. Though we can still appreciate the quality of a design, these five modifications left us with one question: “Why even bother?”.

Honda HR-V by Tjin Edition
A hellaflushed HR-V, or how to make a compact crossover completely useless.

Toyota Sienna R Tuned
Is that the best compromise between getting a minivan and being a cool parent? Hope the kids don’t get motion sickness.

Chevrolet Camaro Krypton
There are monotonous modifications and then there’s this. But hey, the paint lights up!

Kia A1A Optima
Don’t stare at the radioactive blue for too long, your eyes might suffer permanent damage.

Toyota Tundrasine
Because Escalades don’t get the work done and you really need a limo with off-road and towing capacity. Or not.

BONUS: Mazda MX-5 Speedster
Runner up: We have nothing against speedsters in general. But you look at this and one of two things come to mind: it either feels like the MX-5 is missing something (you know, roof, pillars, windshield…) or it looks like a giant shoe.

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