Since 1965, Alpina has been turning out high-performance versions of already high-performance BMWs, and their latest oeuvre is the B5 Biturbo, a version of the M5 with more power, a nicer interior, and–this is our favourite part–a station wagon variant.

Alpina massages the M5’s 4.4L twin-turbo V8 to coax an extra 40 hp and 90 lb-ft of torque out of it, for totals of 600 hp and 590 lb-ft. Left alone is the car’s eight-speed automatic transmission, but what Alpina does add is a mechanical limited-slip differential.

According to Alpina, the interior of each car it builds is unique. In the world of mass-produced cars, that would suggest uneven build quality, but we have a feeling that’s not the case here: besides the choice of any of BMW’s optional interior finishes, Alpina lets you order a “unique interior finished by master craftsmen using the finest Lavalina leather.”

Outside, Alpina bolts B5-specific body add-ons to the car, along with the company’s signature multi-spoke wheels.

All of this comes at a price, of course. Where BMW Canada charges $102,500 for an M5, the Alpina B5 starts at the equivalent of more than $150,000 loonies (converted from Euros), and our Touring dreamwagen goes for a cool $160,000. I think it’s time to start a swear jar, holy ****.

Alpina B5 Biturbo 0005

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