May 2, 2005

Website dedicated to the completion of the twinning of the Trans-Canada Highway launched

Fredericton, New Brunswick – A New Brunswick provincial government website dedicated to the completion of the twinning of the New Brunswick portion of the Trans-Canada Highway is now accessible at

The site is expected to spark New Brunswickers’ interest in the improvement of the national highway system. Website visitors can view photos and follow the progress of the construction work.

Work will begin in the next road construction season on 98 km of highway between Grand Falls and Woodstock. The four-lane Trans-Canada Highway will open to traffic on November 1, 2007. As well, there will be selected upgrades of 128 km of the current four-lane highway, as well as the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of 275 km of highway between the Quebec border and Longs Creek, and of Route 95 between the U.S. border and Woodstock, until 2033.

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