Higher fuel economy targets are aiming Volkswagen in a smaller, turbocharged direction

Volkswagen’s naturally aspirated engines may soon be a thing of the past, according to Mark Trahan, VW’s executive vice president for group quality, reports The Detroit News.

Currently, Volkswagen has three naturally aspirated or conventional gas engines in their portfolio: a five-cylinder 2.5L engine (which is already slated for discontinuation in some products) and two six-cylinder engines.

“We only have one normally aspirated gas engine, and when we go to the next generation vehicle that it’s in, it will be replaced. So three, four years maximum,” stated Trahan at an Automotive Press Association event.

Engines aren’t the only thing being downsized at Volkswagen. The Truth About Cars is reporting an SUV smaller than the Tiguan may be sold in the US (and probably Canada) starting in 2016.

Much like the Taigun Concept seen above, the vehicle would go against the likes of the Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore. VW’s facility in Chattanooga is in the lead to produce the new model, but it could also be produced in Mexico alongside the new Golf.

[Sources: The Detroit News, TTAC]

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