Mississauga, Ontario – Public voting is open in Nissan’s Hypercube campaign, with 500 finalists presenting their online platforms for votes in their quest to win one of 50 Nissan Cubes.

The finalists represent regions from across Canada and were selected from over 7,000 registrants, auditioning their talents and skills online with songs, unique artwork, videos, and off-the-wall tactics to gain votes. The platforms can be seen and voted on at the bilingual site Hypercube.

“The Hypercube campaign is far exceeding our expectations,” said Jeff Parent, vice-president of sales and marketing, Nissan Canada. “With a vehicle as unique as the Nissan Cube, we knew a traditional marketing campaign would not suffice, and the remarkable success of this campaign demonstrates Canadians are excited and engaged by something different.”

The voting phase wraps up at noon on May 15, 2009. Along with the public votes, entrants will be judged by a celebrity panel, with winners awarded their cars at events in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in June.


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