Volvo have just confirmed the next-generation V40 hatchback is making its North American debut in 2017. Presumably, the V40 hatchback will pick up where the C30 hatchback left off when it was discontinued here in 2013. It seems like hatchbacks are making a comeback, along with the rise of the compact SUV.

While speaking with Dutch paper, De Telegraaf, Volvo’s senior vice president, Alain Visser, said that the next generation V40 will be a global player and is being developed for the European, Chinese and North American markets, where it’s expected to debut in 2017. Visser even said that if there is a need for a longer wheelbase V40, that Volvo would do it.

In keeping with Volvo’s global lineup train of thought, Visser also says the S60L extended wheelbase sedan (pictured below), currently sold in China alone, will also be making its debut in North America as well.

The Ford Focus-based European V40 hatchback (pictured above), currently on sale in Europe, will be replaced by the new Volvo-Geely Compact Modular Architecture global platform.

Like all future Volvos, the V40 will be offered with a gas-electric hybrid powertrain. A raised utility version of the V40 – the XC40 – will be introduced at the same time but we have no confirmation on whether or not we will be receiving the SUV version over here yet. It would make sense, looking at current market trends.

Volvo S60L Hybrid

Volvo V40

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