Volvo announced today a new lifetime warranty program for all replacement parts purchased and installed at authorized Volvo retailers.

While we admit we haven’t had a chance to scour every other manufacturer’s warranty policies, we figure Volvo is the first to offer such coverage.

Volvo says the program covers the cost of the replacement part, as well as labour charges for its installation, providing the part is bought and installed by a Volvo shop, for as long as the owner keeps the car.

“This best-in-class warranty offers peace of mind to our customers as it covers not only the replacement part, but also the cost to install it, and provides an additional benefit to servicing at an authorized Volvo retailer,” said Carol Kitchen, Vice President of Customer Service for Volvo Cars of Canada. “Volvo Cars continues to focus on our customers’ needs and the implementation of the lifetime warranty is a further illustration of that point.”

Just like a regular new car warranty, the coverage doesn’t include wear items or accessories.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to look for a used V60 Polestar…

Volvo V60 Cross Country - model year 2016, exterior, driving --- Colour: Twilight Bronze

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