You won’t have to go to Amazon to find adapters anymore

You’d think, especially in this day and age as technology becomes more standard, you’d find the same types of ports in all vehicles. Think again. For years, Volkswagen has tried to shove their MDI connector down our throats. However, it seems they’ve come to their senses — finally.

As of 2016 in the U.S., Volkswagen will get rid of MDI and replace the hateful connector with more user-friendly USB ports. Hurrah!

“We are moving to USB in place of the MDI system because that’s what our customers in the U.S. have been asking us for,” says Mark Gillies, Volkswagen’s manager of product and technology, told Popular Mechanics.

In Canada, the only Volkswagen model with USB ports (that we can tell) has been the Eos, a vehicle that’s being killed off after the 2015 model year.


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