Minneapolis, Minnesota – A new partnership between Youpaidwhat.ca, a Canadian vehicle listing and importing service, and AutoUpLinkUSA, has made vehicles from U.S. auto dealers available on the Canadian site. The free service negotiates American prices from American dealers, and brings those new and used vehicles to Canadian consumers.

“With the current strong Canadian dollar, American dealerships now have a unique opportunity to move the right mix of inventory through Youpaidwhat.ca to Canadian consumers,” said Mike Baker, president of AutoUpLinkUSA. “Without this unique service now made accessible to American dealers, it can be quite complex for Canadians to import U.S. vehicles.”

The Canadian firm has been importing vehicles for more than five years, with a site that allows Canadian consumers to choose the make, model and options of a new or used car, and if they wish to buy a particular automobile from participating American dealerships. The company can negotiate on the consumer’s behalf to secure optimal pricing. For more information, visit Youpaidwhat.ca.

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